What's happening to my body Ever wondered what happens to your body during the 30 days of Ramadan, let's brake it down for
This lentil, rice and celery with added twist of coconut milk was inspired by the Culinary Art of cooking recipes
His life and teachings serve as a guide for Muslims on how to lead a righteous and fulfilling life. While
Suhoor Time: Is a special time – it's when we wake up, pray, and eat something sensible to keep us going
??Hummus?A cherished dish at Palestinian tables and across the Middle East and North Africa. This delightful dip has become a
Ingenious Choosing a fruit, like a watermelon, as a symbol of resistance highlights the creativity and resourcefulness of the Palestinian
In the journey of our business from its origin as Halal Fresh to its current form as Its Halal, our
After a satisfying dinner, that sweet tooth always starts whispering, right? Its like the grand finale of your meal, and
Start your day with a taste of the Mediterranean's vibrant flavors and healthy ingredients. Whether you're an early riser or
Cooking oil is a staple ingredient in every household, this is why it's important to know the best and worst

This weeks' recipes

Sweet Chilli Chicken FajitasBy halalSweet chilli Chicken fajitas make an easy mid-week meal packed with flavour and colour making it a truly satisfying meal for the whole family to enjoy. Here we’ve added our twist by serving it with sweet chili sauce. Bringing the Mexican vibe to your table.
Pesto Chicken Wraps with Tomato and Roasted PotatoesBy halalThis meal is a showstopper, anyone would think you ordered it in, it has all the trimmings you would expect if you were dinning out, and here we’ve added our twist and topped it with cheesy tortilla crisp and jalapeno
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