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Delicious halal recipe box with meat and fish including fresh ingredients delivered to your door. Diverse, and easy cooking experience. Discover the flavours today!

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Explore the art of vegetarian cooking with inspiring and flavourful recipes. Equally delightful as traditional options, our diverse range expands your repertoire, igniting a love for vegetarian meals.

This weeks' recipes

Mexican Chicken Black Bean Cheesy Quesadilla with Garlic Yogurt & SaladBy halal We absolutely love Mexican cuisine – the boldness of its chilies, the freshness of its ingredients, and the perfect balance of flavours. Our quesadillas hit all the right notes, making them a delightful culinary experience. Crafting these moon-shaped wraps is not only delicious but also a fun activity, perfect for getting kids involved in the kitchen
Boneless Lamb Moroccan Harira SoupBy halalHearty and comforting, this Moroccan harira soup contains tender pieces of lamb delicately spiced and enriched with a blend of tomatoes and chickpeas. This dish promises a blend of flavours that will warm both your heart and palate.
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