Humble Grain Lentils and Rice

This lentil, rice and celery with added twist of coconut milk was inspired by the Culinary Art of cooking recipes that were enjoyed 1400 years ago based on the Prophetic Tradition .
I encourage you to choose simple foods, emphasising a main meal, a complementary side, and a sweet treat featuring the diverse fruits mentioned in the Quran.
In this culinary journey, I encourage a mindful approach, where the essence lies not just in the nourishment of the body but also in feeding the spirit.
Let’s not overwhelm our tables with an array of dishes; instead, let simplicity and lightness guide our choices.
As we savor the flavors of this month, let’s remain mindful of our global community. Reflect on those who struggle for even a grain of sustenance and consider the privilege of our meals.
Ramadan is a time to share, empathise, and appreciate what we have Alhamdulilah
So, as we gather around our tables, let the essence of compassion and simplicity fill our hearts and plates. May this Ramadan be a time of spiritual growth, shared blessings, and thoughtful consideration for our fellow brothers and sisters around the world who may not have the luxury of a plentiful meal.
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