Palestine, Fruit and Faith

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Choosing a fruit, like a watermelon, as a symbol of resistance highlights the creativity and resourcefulness of the Palestinian people. In the face of restrictions on waving their flag, they ingeniously use watermelons to convey a powerful message. It’s a testament to their determination and ability to find strength during these challenging times and beyond. This choice reflects not just a form of defiance but also a profound connection to their culture, expressing resilience through unconventional means Their resilience, resistance, bravery, and unwavering faith exhibited daily has touched millions globally.

The true heroes, including Motaz, Bisan, Weal, and all the martyrs (may Allah swt grant them Jannat al-Firdous), courageously share the truth while their country is being demolished, standing rooted in unshaken faith. Their eman, their inner strength, shines beautifully even amid nearly 73 days of indiscriminate bombardment, inspiring millions to educate themselves about Islam or even converting. Its befitting to use the watermelon to represent them. And what a beautiful representation.

Watermelon was one of the favourite fruits of Rasûlullâh (sallallâhu alayhi wa sallam).
He would eat fresh dates with watermelon and say, “The heat of dates neutralise the coolness of watermelon; the coolness of watermelon neutralise the heat of dates.” In Hadîth books, it is narrated that Rasûlullâh (sallallâhu alayhi wa sallam) enjoyed eating grapes with watermelon as well.

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