Ramdan Suggestions

During the month of Ramadan we’ve created meals that all the family can enjoy during this blessed month with that in mind recipes have been especially developed to keep you nourished and going for long! By including balanced meals with carb, protein and vegetables Ramadan Dinner is Sorted!

This weeks top ten tips in how you can maximise your blessing by doing a good deed in the last 10 days of the blessed month!

  1. Give something you love to a friend
  2. Perform a good deed in secret
  3. Drink coconut water
  4. Try a fruit which you have not had before
  5. Visit a Mosque in a different town/city
  6. Invite a Non-Muslim for dinner
  7. Send food to your neighbour
  8. Make a dish/cake you’ve always wanted to
  9. Make amends with somebody you’ve fallen out with
  10. Volunteer for a day
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