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Smoked Mackerel, Pesto and Green Chilli SpaghettiBy halalIf you like smoked mackerel, you’ll love this spaghetti - we’ve paired it with green chilli to cut through the fattiness, the crème fraiche provides a slight tang, and lime lifts the entire dish. An alternative pesto dish that’s full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids and packed with flavour.
Aubergine & Chickpea Patatas BravasBy halalTraditionally patatas bravas are served as a tapas style dish, however we’ve bulked the meal out here by adding cumin roasted aubergine and chickpeas. Chickpeas are an excellent source of fibre, making this dish ideal for anyone looking after their gut health. The combination of potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, and garlic mayonnaise is truly heavenly - a meal perhaps to enjoy greedily in silence.
Shepherd’s Pie with Cheesy MashBy halalThis is our version of a shepherd’s pie with our added twist! One that can be made in less than 40 minutes and doesn’t skimp on the flavour! We’ve created a very creamy and cheesy mash by using crème fraiche and two types of cheese. Enjoy this burst of energy anytime!
Chilli Lamb MoussakaBy halalWe’ve added our own twist to this classic moussaka dish by speeding up the process, replacing the classic bechamel with a combination of crème fraiche and grated hard cheese. Although it’s not traditional we’ve added a red chilli for that extra special kick. Moussaka is often served room temperature, but it’s just as delicious served hot!
Cajun Steak strips with Roasted Aleppo Potato and Tzatziki YogurtBy halalTable feast at its finest for the whole family to enjoy in preparing your own steak beef shawarma. We’ve added our twist and blended spices and herbs that work deliciously well together. Making it a lovely evening meal full of nutrition and wholesome.
Spaghetti Alla PuttanescaBy halalThis popular pasta dish was invented in Naples in the mid-20th century, packed with flavour and proves you can’t beat simple recipes.
Egg Fried Rice with Teriyaki Vegetables and Chiu Chow Chilli SauceBy halalChinese cuisine is a popular take away order. With our recipe there is no need, when you can cook it yourself, this tastes equally as delicious if not better packed with the usual veggies and home-made chilli sauce to give it a welcome kick

Disclaimer: We offer nutritional information that is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical or nutritional advice from a physician or a nutritionist.

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