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 Welcome to Its Halal, U.K’s leading halal recipe box. You are probably here because it’s time to think about what you would like for dinner, or you were tired of making the same meals because it was easy especially after a long day at work or even shopping. But now you are ready to use those pots and pans and switch on the heat and expand your cooking repertoire and make dinner times healthy, nutritious, and delicious again.

As foodies we love getting creative in the kitchen and love to experiment with different cuisines especially spices, we all know spice is king in any recipe and we don’t just mean how hot it is.
Therefore, we know you will love our recipe boxes, don’t take our word for it, just try it. Because we believe having a balanced meal every evening is good for the soul and for a good night’s sleep.
We know our boxes will help you, by suggesting various meal ideas from everyday loved cuisines to the adventurous so you can get your dinner mojo back and impress yourself, family, and friends.
This why we conceived Its Halal by helping you solve this frustrating issue.

Dinner inspiration

One of the greatest thing about our recipe boxes we upload new recipes every week from choices of well-known cuisines to the lesser known, making diner times hassle free. Plus, it helps you get out of the rut and bring back the dinner inspiration you are looking for, after all who wants to eat the same old meals every night, what’s the fun in that?  


We always encourage you to get family members involved even if it’s just chopping, washing, or stirring the pot over warm conversations whilst doing any of those tasks, it boosts serotonin levels

Dinner is Sorted!

Love from the It’s Halal Family


You have a choice of two boxes Traditional and Vegetarian; Traditional comes with a choice of meat, poultry, and fish with all the ingredients freshly pre-portioned including the veggies, spices, and sauce.


Vegetarian box for those who only follow the vegetarian diet with all the freshly pre-portioned ingredients same as the traditional minus the meat

Order before the cut off time Friday 8am for Tuesday delivery

Fresh boxes are delivered via your chosen courier service DPD or DHL with delivery time notification

You cook your chosen meal. It’s as easy as that

This weeks' recipes

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