Suhoor Tips

Suhoor Time: 

Is a special time – it’s when we wake up, pray, and eat something sensible to keep us going all day. So, we’ve gathered some inspiring ideas to help you pick smart options for your Suhoor morning meal to keep you hydrated throughout the day

  1. Nabeez Water – was consumed by the Prophet (S.A.W) (PBUH) drink made of dates and water. Soak around 5-7 dates in a litre of water and leave it overnight to have the next day, you can also add few pinches of sea salt
  2. Eating you water – Think of fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, broccoli, celery and tomatoes, with which you can prepare a great salad and add some protein such as lentils. 
  3. Coconut Water – is known for it’s long lasting hydration benefits because of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium
  4. Zam Zam water – has numerous spiritual and physical benefits, such as enhances energy levels and quenches the thirst.
  5. Soups – Such as minestrone, carrot and coriander, tomato soups are great for that time of the morning.

We hope this served as an inspiration for you to think about what types of food you can eat at that time of the morning, apart from some of the obvious choices such as porridge, oats and other forms of fibre. 

Happy Suhoor time 

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